I Am Your Servant (York FYK 418) 1973  UK *















Like Lou Hayles and Judy MacKenzie, Cindy is another enthusiastic British pop-rock femme whose music is worth checking out.  I Am Your Servant consists mostly cover songs, with a particular fondness for Larry Norman (‘I’ve Searched All Around’, ‘One Way’ and the title track).  She also does Austin Roberts’ ‘There’s A Shadow Passing Over The Land’ also covered by Randy Matthews on his Eyes To The Sky). Backing musicians aren’t listed but they rock along with some soul while the string, woodwind and brass arrangements provide the commercial angle.  The record label identifies her full name as Cindy Kent, while the cover and spine just say Cindy (the latter is how the album is usually listed in catalogs and want lists).  I’m pretty sure she’s the girl in The Settlers (see the entries for their lps).  York is one of those very highly collected small UK labels.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









Cindy Kent (Bck)








Thank you to Mr. Daad for finding the song list and pointing me to the site in his comment which also had the rear cover photo.   Thank you to Donald for the better rear cover photo.    diakoneo




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2I’ve Searched All Around
1-3Gideons Bible
1-4Love Is More Than Words
1-5Lay my Burden Down
1-6One More Mountain To Climb
2-1Brand New Day
2-3There’s A Shadow Passing Over The Land
2-4Holy Rolling
2-5One Way
2-6I Am Your Servant