For My Love (New City Sound LP 777) 1976



The Scandinavian brother/sister foursome The Aaltos are unlikely to sound like anyone you’ve ever heard before. Describing their music is quite a challenge – how about a combination of Fiddler On The Roof  and Swedish rock-and-roll?  Bizarre instrumentation includes psychy organ, lamenting minor-key violin and accordion, choppy electric guitar and wild solos from what sound like a funky clavinet-ish bass synthesizer and an ocarina (credits list something called an s-flute?).  Timo Aalto provides the lead vocals with his intensely strong accent, coming across as a highly energized Scandinavian nightclub version of Elvis (those sunglasses and leather jacket are the bomb).  Add all that up and you’ve got something that’s both highly creative and wonderfully awkward.  Most songs written by member and multi-instrumentalist Ewa-Maria Aalto, who along with her drumming sister Nina display some impressive lengthly locks of blond hair (the plaid ’70’s outfits on the back cover are a total hoot).  All but two of the twelve songs are in English.  Took me forever to figure out some of the pronunciations – “bitterness” comes out as buh-ter-nis, “jealousy” as juh-low-see.  Some irresistable tracks in here, several with that homemade organ/guitar “psych” undercurrent that appeals to private press collectors.  I’m certainly diggin’ it.  Gives a Cloquet, Minnesota address.  (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

I am also adding back covers and covers I may have missed the 1st time around as I remove the music links so you may want to take a look back at some of your favorite albums. This will take some time to get though everything I’ve posted so be patient, I don’t have all the backs but I do have many.


01. Home Country

02. Bride Of The New City

03. I Believe

04. For My Love

05. Halleluja Anyhow

06. Vanja

07. Don’t Care

08. New City

09. It Won’t Be Long

10. My Longing Way

11. In The Name Of Jesus

12. Trofast Van