The Aaltos (Evangelii Center – ECLP-118) 1971  Finland*














It sounds like The Altos had the vibe going right from the start on this their debut lp.  No English lyrics here, but the basic formula is firmly in place: minor-key songs liberally doused in organ, with piano, electric guitar, electric bass and drums primitively rocking along in the background. Ewa-Maria’s ripples of organ often bring a mild psych edge to the music, especially when combined with the minor-key melodies and low-key basement electric rhythm guitar. A few happier tunes surface here and there to brighten the mood.  All twelve songs were written by Ewa-Maria – she and her sister look quite lovely in their white bell-bottom outfits, in contrast to the hideous ’70’s plaid jackets for the guys (who numbered three at this point).  (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).







Aaltos - Aaltos (Bck)









Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Gud Hör Min Bön
1-2Min Far Och Jag
1-3Till Himmelen
1-4Jag Är På Väg
1-5Kuului Suuri Hätähuuto
1-6Saavuin Kerran Luokse Golgatan
2-1Saavu Luokse Jeesuksen
2-2Nimeni Myöskin Mun
2-3Hän Omiansa Aina
2-4Onnelisna Kulkea
2-5Elon Toisella Puolen
2-6Vei Polku Jerusalemiin