This will be the last post. I have tried to break links when they were found to be in violation however My Mediafire account has been closed as someone did not want or need some free advertising with links provided to their material where they are selling it instead they have chosen to file a violation of copy write rather than contact me to remove the link. To those who have enjoyed the music if the artist reissue  their recordings support the artist. If you are interested in The Archivist that link should still work where you can find the book for sale which lists the best of the Jesus Music. To all the artist who have enjoyed finding their music here. Thank you for your support of encouragement. To those who have shared their thoughts and experiences with the artist with the rest of us a big thank you. To those who have provided links to where they are selling their earlier work or even current work those links should remain good, and best wishes in selling your works. For those still searching for more of this music buy The Archivist and go searching your local thrift stores, some pawn shops, Ebay, Gemm and MusicStacks for the remaining Jesus Music Albums. To those whose toes I’ve stepped on, I appologize as I thought your music was still worth listening to. May God bless all my readers with His continued love and warmth. To the artist May God continue to bless you and continue to inspire you to glorify Him. To Go be the Glory, Praise God for the time I’ve been able to serve Him on this site.

If you have not asked Jesus to come into your heart, I pray that you will ask Him to be the Lord of you life. “I’m not religious I just love the Lord”, Any parting comment are welcome. “Have you seen Jesus my Lord”, He has been here on this site.


Peace and Love in Jesus name.

God bless you one and all.

diakoneo ( to serve, to minister)