Take A Little Interest  (Rio/Banana  500)  1980  UK *



Producer I. A. J. Twydell’s fingerprints are all over this wonderful British foursome’s custom lp. Solid Air’s style contains elements of several Twydell projects: particularly the driving keyboard rock of After The Fire’s Signs Of Change, but also some of the progressive folk of Waiting For The Sun and new-wave rock of Twydell’s solo lps. On numerous tracks you’d absolutely swear ATF’s Pete Banks was in here wiggin’ out with his loopy synthesizer grooves. Member Dave Palmer is the actual one fulfilling the keyboard role here, counterbalanced by Andy Balmer’s rocking guitar leads. Tim Burgess is on drums and Pete Dilley supplies bass. Mr. Twydell also contributes some extra backing vocals. Vibrant original songs featuring titles like ‘King’s Business’, ‘Open Door’, ‘Misty Skies’, ‘Feet On Solid Ground’, ‘City Of Gold’, ‘Sleep In Your Eyes’ and ‘Countdown’. Recorded at Profile Studios; in fact Rio Records shows the same address here as the Profile label. Nice simple black and white cover drawing with stencilled block lettering and silhouettes of the band members with their instruments.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. King’s Business

02. Open Door

03. Misty Skies

04. Smiling People

05. Speak Me

06. Prayer

07. Feet On Solid Ground

08. City Of Gold

09. Sleep In Your Eyes

10. What Can I Do For You

11. Countdown

12. Take A Little Interest