Mystery Maker  (Caves  UHC 3)  1977  UK *



Superior moody prog-laced British folk outfit masterminded by Society Of Jesus members Tom McGuiness and Jim Crampsey. Often similar to the dreamy ballad style of groups like 11:59 and Cloud while also revealing a gentle folkrock edge not unlike Water Into Wine Band. Very peaceful, hushed, somewhat melancholy tone, surreal and motionless at times. Some achingly beautiful melodies aglow with fragile atmospheric male/female harmonies. Plenty of electric guitar with some excellent soloing, even some fuzz on the title track and ‘The Road To Emmaus’ where it crescendos to one of the albums heavier moments. I especially liked the Jerry Garcia-ish lead guitar on the magical ‘Giver Of Life’. Other titles include ‘Ask The Father’, ‘Light’, ‘Bidding Prayers’, ‘The Best Gift’, ‘Holy One’, ‘Lamb Of God’, ‘Communion Song’, ‘We Thank You Father’, ‘Blind Man’, and ‘Pentecost’. Being a private press from England it understandably goes for some fairly big bucks. Comes with a booklet that includes lyrics, chords and commentary on each of the songs. See also Beyond An Empty Dream. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Ask The Father4:38
1-3Bidding Prayers4:32
1-4The Best Gift2:58
1-5Holy One1:49
1-6Lamb Of God1:11
1-7Communion Song4:30
1-8We Thank You Father3:01
2-1Giver Of Life5:03
2-2Blind Man4:32
2-3Mystery Maker4:32
2-5The Road To Emmaus6:38