Inspired at the Cross  (Cross  75-101)  1977



Raw and intense rural hard rock monster from Washington with underground west-coast guitar/psych feel similar to the Rainbow Promise album, yet even better and more consistent. Most of the twelve tracks feature just bass, drums, and two electric guitars (no keyboards) making for a good live homemade 4-track kind of sound. Great guitar work all over: growling loud on ‘Come Back To The Valley’, ‘Night Of Love’ and ‘What Does God Have For You’, soloing away rural style on ‘Say Yes To Jesus’, psychy and mysterious on the ballad ‘He Loves You’, boogie rockin’ on ‘Goin’ Out To Spread His Gospel’, summery jamming on ‘Master Plan’. About as rare as they come, too. Housed in a plain white cover with accompanying sheet of photocopied song titles and credits. Fairly exceptional I’d say.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Joke’s On You

02. Truly Truly

03. He Loves You

04. Come Back To The Valley

05. Goin’ Out To Spread The Good News

06. Say Yes To Jesus

07. Night Of Love

08. Why Are You Crying

09. Master Plan

10. Till I Met You

11. What Does God Have For You

12. Setting Me Free