Shekinah  (Eden  EDN-104)  1982



The stunningly beautiful spacey music of Shekinah (Paul McKenzie and Bruce Labadie)  would seem to have come from another world.  Seldom has an acoustic duo resounded with such depth and mysterious beauty, with wind chimes, bell tree, harmonics, chamberlain (like a mellotron) and haunting harmonies all contributing to that otherworldly quality.  Moods range from the classical guitar John Michael Talbot tone of ‘Let Me Want You’, to the eerie dissonance of ‘I Am Come Nigh’, to the cascading flanged electric guitar of ‘Jesus’ Eyes’.  Spotlight goes to the majestic 7-minute ‘Christ, Lord, Messiah’.  Brilliant guitar work throughout and magnificent fiery sun cover painting.  Five stars easily.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Who Am I

02. Christ Lord Messiah

03. Let Me Want You

04. I Am Come Nigh

05. Blessed Be

06. Jesus’ Eyes

07. More Like You

08. Let Me In Your Light

09. All Things

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