Have You Considered  (IGL  6045N1)  1976



Very impressive custom obscurity from five-guy two-girl outfit scoring high with their mix of dreamy mysterious folk/psych, hard rock and west-coast rural rock. Some really breathtaking moments here. One listen to powerful songs like ‘If I Don’t Let People Know’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Ask’ and ‘Good Samaritan’ and you’ll see these folks definitely knew how to weave in mood and texture alongside the heavier elements. One minute there’s a gentle eerie atmospheric melody with acoustic guitars and spacey flute accompaniment; next thing you know they’ve built up to a climax of blaring hard-rock guitar. Good joyous upbeat fuzz jamming ala Earthen Vessel on ‘Glory Glory’. ‘Now I Lay Me’ gets a decent lively folkrock groove going, while ‘Talkin’ Bout Jesus’ and ‘Father Forgive Me’ reveal the group’s mellower melodic side. Some of the group’s ethereal moods remind me of songs like The Way’s ‘Have You Ever Heard’ from the Maranatha! Four lp. The climactic title track closes the album with another intense buildup of electric guitar. An extremely rare private press monster recorded in Milford, Iowa.  Trust me – it’s a biggie!      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Ask

02. Now I Lay Me

03. Talkin’ About Jesus

04. Good Samaritan

05. Glory Glory

06. If I Don’t Let People Know

07. Jesus

08. Father Forgive Me

09. Have You Considered