Farewell To The Shadowlands (no label  LP S 726)  1975



Besides coming up with one of the coolest album titles of all time (taken from the final chapter in C. S. Lewis’ ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’), the Cincinnati trio of Michael Goldberg, Susan Goldberg, and Ross Johnson have managed to create a brilliant homemade release of contemplative acoustic/folk music. All three have nice soothing voices that harmonize well together (Susan sounds a lot like Debby Kerner, especially on the briskly strummed ‘Psalm 27’). Quiet and acoustic-oriented for the most part, with some flute, piano and folky percussion, plus banjo and jew’s-harp for ‘The Lord Will Be My Snowtires’, a novelty bluegrass side-trip. Mostly originals plus a couple Martin Bell songs (‘Secret Of The Stars’ and ‘Come Gather Children’). Includes a lovely minor-key track ‘Help O Lord’ that’s accompanied by flute and what sounds like a hammer dulcimer. Closes with the Narnia-inspired ‘Further Up’. Best cover art seen in years. Essential Jesus music classic.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Farewell To The Shadowlands1:20
1-2Secret Of The Stars5:14
1-3Love To Pass The Ages2:28
1-4Psalm 274:15
1-5Come Gather Children3:23
2-1Song Of Praise3:06
2-2The Lord Will Be My Snowtires2:16
2-3Psalm 1211:56
2-4Help Oh Lord3:42
2-5Lead Me On1:44
2-6Further Up (A Song About Narnia)4:56