Where The Song Comes From (no label  8064N2)  1978



Top-rate second custom lp of gentle folkrock tunes, mostly originals. Pretty simple sound, but it’s the catchy melodies, creativity, beautiful arrangements (including some nice flute, mandolin, violin) and the overall atmosphere of charm and radiant joy that makes this one of my all-time favorites. The acoustic flute-backed folk rock opener ‘Here’s My Family’ and the closing ‘A Wind In The Door’ (which builds to a lively electric conclusion) are some of the most exuberant moving pieces of Jesus music to my remembrance. ‘Listen To The Singer’ is an equally touching acoustic ballad, as are ‘Morning Song’ and the delicate violin-backed ‘Friends & Lovers’. ‘I Want To Be’ supplies a folksy fiddle/banjo number, while ‘Try To Run’ boogies along with piano and electric guitar. ‘Run To California’ introduces some steel guitar for its peaceful-easy-feeling country mood. Also includes covers of Suzanne Toolan’s ‘I Am The Bread Of Life’ and Noel Stookey’s ‘The Winner’. It’s albums like this that make this whole record collecting thing worthwhile. Attractive cover art by Susan. See also Jesus Only.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Here’s My Family3:01
1-2I Want To Be3:05
1-3Try To Run2:23
1-4Listen To The Singer3:06
1-5Friends And Lovers2:31
1-6I Am The Bread Of Life3:58
2-1Run To California4:14
2-2The Winner3:06
2-3Morning Song2:45
2-4A Wind In The Door6:42