The Road of Life  (North Park College SS-22484-01)  1970



Newborn’s plain-and-simple folk music has much of the wonder that Take Three, Random Sample, and Gamble Folk had in their debuts. Simple as in three guitars, an upright bass, and a tambourine. It’s the harmonies and basic acoustic leads that elevate their rendition of ‘Jesus Met The Woman’, ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’, ‘Here Comes Jesus’, the John Fisher title tune, and others. A custom lp from five students of Chicago’s North Park College. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





01. People Gotta Be Free

02. Psalm 19

03. O Amor de Dios

04. Jesus Met The Woman

05. Love Is Surrender

06. Put Your Hand In The Hand

07. Teach Me, Jesus

08. Until Tomorrow

09. Bright New World

10. Have Faith My Friend

11. Here Comes Jesus

12. O Happy Day

13. Road Of Life