Message From the Throne (Sound 80  S80-1071-4144S)  1975?













Magnificent dreamy rural acoustic rock/psych gem from Minnesota trio of Roger Aleckson, Jon Bayless and Chris Hampton. Even though there are no drums, or even electric guitar for that matter, these guys have a cutting-edge pastoral hippie/garage mood that’s like an unplugged version of Wilson McKinley or Maranatha (Soon). This album is an acoustic guitar lover’s dream, with long tracks that feature sharp 6-string leads backed by bass and hardy 12-string action. Mellotron adds a spacious Moody Blues/King Crimson-ish atmosphere to cuts like ‘The First Day’, ‘His Will’ and ‘The Ship Of Life’. Also some great slide guitar and peppy harmonica stirring things up in a bluesy country folk-rock way on ‘Steppin’ In & Steppin’ Out’ and ‘The Conversation’. The 12-string guitar gets a nice phased effect on the psychy opener ‘You’re So Free’, also with slide guitar. ‘Shine On (With Jesus)’, ‘Joy In G Major’, every song a winner! Vocal harmony sounds real similar to Wilson McKinley, with straight-ahead Jesus-lovin’ lyrics to match. Totally home-made black-on-silver cover drawing of scroll in the sky floating above a cross on a hill, with the Biblical reference Revelation 22:16 written at the bottom. Back cover has a drawing of a van with “Jesus Lives” on the back, heading down The Straight and Narrow Pathway. Very rare custom record, mastered at Minnesota’s Sound 80 studio. See also Powerhouse Experience.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You're So Free
1-2The First Day
1-3Shine On (With Jesus)
1-4His Will
2-1Steppin' In & Steppin' Out
2-2Joy In G Minor
2-3The Conversation
2-4The Ship Of Life