Lindy Hearne  (no label  9275)  1975



It certainly can’t hurt to have Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key helping you out on your custom record. And help they do on this obscure debut from singer/songwriter Lindy Hearne. The cover illustration of him playing guitar next to an old-fashioned potbelly stove would seem to hint at an acoustic album. Such is the case on several songs, like the opening cover of The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’, the dreamy flute-accompanied ‘Bird Of The Sea’, or the beautiful Cockburn-esque ‘Not Like You’. Also some good country rock (‘Satan’s Chains’), as well as early D&K-styled roots rock with the aforementioned duo on organ and electric guitar (‘Lean On One Another’). ‘Truckin’ and ‘He Will Speak To You’ are fine examples of country folk with backing from pedal-steel and harmonica respectively. Linda Hearne adds her vocals to a couple ballads. Twelve selections in all.       (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Blackbird

02. Lean On One Another

03. Truckin’

04. Silence Of A Memory

05. I’ve  Never Had It So Good

06. More Than A Friend

07. Satan’s Chains

08. Bird Of The Sea

09. If We Only Have Love

10. Day Of Flowers

11. Not Like You

12. He Will Speak To You

Will be available on CD here.  Lindy is still recording music and you will find much of this music available or will be available at the site. You can also find Lindy on Facebook, MySpace or at Sonicbids. You may contact him directly by Email or at the above listed Artist page.