On The Other Hand…  (Stucky  SA22282)  1982



The Dylan angle is even more pronounced on this admirable twelve-song acoustic folk collection.  No harmonica this time, but the guy can vocally sure sound dead-on like Dylan as he works through convicting titles like ‘Hey Mister’, ‘Callin’ Bad Bad’,  ‘Ain’t Gonna Join You’ and ‘Look To The Street’.  From passionately strummed numbers to bright folksy melodies to more delicately fashioned songs.  Chuck provides guitar and dulcimer, while Duane Gundy returns on guitar, mandolin, bass and backup vocals.  SeJesus Music, Christian music, MP3’s, Album Review,e also Charles & Bonnie.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. You Could Be Free

02. Hey Mister

03. Hard Times

04. The Way Of Your Heart

05. Apocalypse

06. Hope To The End

07. Callin’ Bad Bad

08. Ain’t Gonna Join Ya

09. Laughing

10. Count On My Love

11. Look To The Street

12. Blessed Be Those