Paper Winged Dreams (Brimstone PP1022) 1972?



Pardon me while I firmly affix five stars to this outstanding Ohio progressive art rock custom. Five long-haired chaps who would seem to have been influenced by the more melodic school of prog such as Caravan, Camel, King Crimson, etc. As with a lot of prog stuff the lyrics are often metaphorical and mysterious, so one has to dig a little deeperfor any “Christian” message, though it seems to clearly be there on tracks like ‘Fields Of Clay’ (“fall to your knees and pray, the Lord hewill serve you”) and ‘Song Of Fifths” (“thanks to our friend and the Father, thanks to our friend and the savior”), as well as other scattered references. Lots of organ throughout, frequently in the lead, other timesproviding background to the electric guitar leads, sometimes for a psychy Azitis flavor. Some classical guitar, piano, and pipe organ passages reveal strong classical influences. Synthesizers make a few appearances. Good production for a custom, as well as ace songwriting. The entire of side two is a ‘Suite In Five Movements’, including more than a couple nods to fellow Youngstownians Glass Harp. A real rarebear, somewhere in the 300 bucks range, though a cheaper re-issue in an inferior black and white cover came out a few years ago. Up there with Azitis, Vindication and the rest. Re-issued on CD.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Dead Sleep At Night

02. End Of The Road

03. Etude & Fields Of Clay

04. Illusion & Paperwinged Dreams

05. Suite In 5 Movements