Godlight (Fantasy Sound  FS23468)  1976?  Canada *



TLMC stands for the Toronto Liturgical Music Collective. That doesn’t sound like a particularly promising name, but it turns out to be a magnificent male/female electric folkrock lp with soft-psych edges. Not the type of sound you’d typically expect from a Canadian recording as Godlight seems more in line with the big dollar UK folk privates. In fact on some of these songs you’d swear it was Presence or Mystery Maker. TLMC is mainly four individuals: Michael Arbour, Paul Bochar, Helen Despres and James Murphy, plus three others on additional instruments. In the electric category are ‘Lord Of Mercy’ and ‘Doxology (Blues)’ with phased guitar backing, ‘Lamb Of Ninths’ and ‘Prophet’s Hope’ with cool wah-wah solos, and ‘Now’s The Time’ with the fuzz. Also some exceptionally beautiful delicate acoustic ballads, sometimes with recorder or violin accompaniment. In between are some fine jangly 12-string folkrock moods like ‘Stewards’. Gorgeous fragile harmonies throughout from the four. (Ken Scott – Archivist)




01. Lead Us On

02. Lord Have Mercy

03. Now’s The Time

04. God Light

05. Doxology

06. Lord Lord Such A Long History

07. Alleluia

08. Stewards

09. Advent Antiphan & Lamb Of Ninths

10. Welcome Song

11. Restless Spirit

12. Sanctus

13. Our Father

14. Grant Us For Grace

15. Prophet’s Hope

16. Advent Antiphan