First Fruits (Superior  S-101 40)  1975



One of the more innovative acoustic duos to cross my path, especially given that it’s just one instrument and two voices. Jamming aggressively and plucking out unusual chords on acoustic guitar is Bill Romanowski, joined by the dynamic female vocals of Kris Gardner. The music is vibrant and unrefined, played and sung with passion, with creative harmonies and songwriting, as well as constantly shifting moods that range from bluesy to joyous to mysterious to downcast to optimistic. Often upbeat and spirited as on ‘Kingdom’, ‘Change’ and the vigorous ‘Legion (Lately Things Don’t Seem The Same)’. Also several excellent atmospheric selections, including ‘Thinking About You Lord’, ‘Softly Spoken’ and ‘Sliver Of Sunshine’. Bill exchanges his guitar for some fine piano work on ‘Dawn’. An excellent lp, quite different from anything else in the folk realm. What would you expect from a guy who went on to be an art prof at Calvin College? See also William David Romanowski for Bill’s later solo lp. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Thinking About You Lord3:22
1-3Legion (Lately Things Don’t Seem The Same)3:16
1-5Softly Spoken4:09
2-1First Fruits2:53
2-2And Now I Dream3:18
2-4Sliver Of Sunshine4:17