Smith’s Comfort (Heaven  HRS 1003)  1975  Australia *









Smith’s Comfort (otherwise known as the Australian duo of Ian & Sue Smith) had previously appeared on the live album Bennelong Session, where they performed four songs in the acoustic folk-singer mode. This excellent lp from the same label has them recording in the studio with a band, turning out a decided rock/folk-rock edge. ‘The Bitter And The Sweet’ opens the lp on a folksy guitar/harmonica/dobro Dylan note, followed by a slow stately classic-rock number ala Fairport Convention called ‘If I Go Down’ featuring strong interaction of electric guitar, piano and organ. Harmonica and electric guitar trade licks on the mid-tempo boogie piece ‘Proverbial Blues’. ‘The Bring Back Song’ is a live humorous perversion of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean’ that recalls their Bennelong Session performance. The minor-key ballad ‘Is There Anybody Here’ supplies a soft dreamy mood, followed by ‘Turning Over’, a great jazz-laced progressive instrumental that fades out and then continues on side two. Next up is the album’s loudest cut ‘Do You Believe’, with hardy fuzz guitar action. Some charming acoustic-oriented songs finish out the side, including ‘What Do You Do, What Do You Say’, ‘The Carpenter’, ‘Winter-Spring’ and ‘Best I Can Do’ (beautiful flute accompaniment on a couple of these). Fifty plus minutes of top-shelf Australian Jesus music, housed in a handsome gate-fold cover. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Smith's Comfort - Smith (In Lt)


Smith's Comfort - Smith (In Rt)







Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold photos also thank you for the correction.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Bitter And The Sweet
1-2If I Go Down
1-3Proverbial Blues
1-4The Bring Back Song
1-5Is There Anybody Here
1-6Turning Over
1-7Turning Over Cont.
2-1Do You Believe
2-2What Do You Do, What Do You Say
2-3The Carpenter
2-4Oh Babe
2-5Winter Spring
2-6Going Down The Road
2-7Best I Can Do