Presence  (New City London  SLCW1031)  1976  UK *



Absolutely precious 5-star UK progressive folkrock masterpiece from 4-guy 1-girl outfit.  A distinctly British sounding record that combines the usual folk and rock gear with such instruments as mandolin, recorder, bongos, harmonica, organ, Chinese finger cymbals and African pottery drums.  The group’s progressive angle is revealed through shifts in tempo, mood and dynamics, as heard on ‘Moment Of You’, ‘Turning Point’ and ‘God Is Love’.  Skilful acoustic guitar presence throughout, plus a couple nice electric guitar solos that step in to accentuate the rock angle.  Artful use of percussion adds an edge to several songs.  ‘Break Down The Walls’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Presence’ are all lovely delicate acoustic ballads.  ‘All For You’ flows gently along to a wistful melody, while the recorder-backed ‘Shepherd Song’ fashions a hauntingly beautiful Celtic mood.  ‘Laws Of God’ is passionately strummed, while ‘Children’ and ‘Prayer’ supply playful mandolin folk.  Charming fragile from-the-heart vocals (both male and female), coupled with creative songwriting that makes each and every song special.  It all adds up to one awesome record, my personal favorite from the whole UK scene!      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Moment Of You

02. Break Down The Walls

03. Children

04. All For You

05. Laws Of God

06. Prayer

07. Turning Point

08. Peace

09. Presence

10. Shepherd Song

11. God Is Love


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