Sound of Lonelyness (Kuhstall  PROD.NR.10 351)  1973?  Germany *



Rarely does a Christian album burn with the musical intensity of Germany’s heavy progressive rockers Os Pescadores. Their molten brew of thunderous surging organ and blistering hard rock guitar often bubbles over with the brute force of bands like Deep Purple. Eight lengthy selections, four of which are in English (‘Thank You Lord’, ‘I’m So Very Surprised’, the searing title track, and the closing hymn ‘Amazing Grace’). The remaining four songs are in German and are equally good: ‘Meinst Du Wirklich’ (‘Do You Really Believe’), ‘Tausend Jahre’ (‘Thousand Years’), ‘Kreislauf’ (‘Circle’) and ‘Gibt’s Denn Niemand’ (‘Is There Nobody’). A rare and obscure big dollar private press thing that occasionally turns up in the international scene. Laminated foldout cover with cool fish design (with no pocket for the record it’s almost more like a deluxe insert). Solid joyous reckless headbangin’ for Jesus that can be filed alongside fellow pulverizers Earthen Vessel and Out Of Darkness. The band name means “the fishermen” in Portuguese – go figure.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Thank You Lord

02. Meinst Der Wirlich

03. Sound Of Loneliness

04. Tausend Jahre

05. Kreislauf

06. I’m So Very Surprised

07. Gibt’s Denn Niemand

08. Amazing Grace