Knowing (CAVS  CAV 017)  1977  UK *



From the same tiny UK Christian label as the Candle Factory lp comes the equally obscure Mathetai (Greek for “disciples”). Yes sir, it’s another precious recording of distinctively British male/female folk, totally acoustic from what I can tell with guitars, mandolin and such, but not without some progressive and classical flourishes as well including some very moving viola accompaniment. Mathetai excels on brisk tracks like ‘You He Made Alive’ which almost sounds like an unplugged Caedmon out take. Often graced with a solemn minor-key presence that echoes the best of the Catholic folk style. A few folk/praise moves here and there – still such moments work much better than groups like Achor, Fisherfolk, etc. ‘O Give Thanks Unto The Lord’ is backed solely by tom-tom and tambourine, sounding like some kind of Indian tribal dance. Great cover art of brown flower, bird and butterfly designs over a yellow background.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hallelujah Praise The Lord3:32
1-2The Lord Is So Good To Me2:22
1-3For You, You And Me3:40
1-4The Love Of Jesus1:42
1-5He Will Deliver You2:38
1-6Cruel Nails2:20
1-7Out Of The Depths4:09
2-1Come Unto Me2:36
2-2God Made Me3:02
2-3You He Made Alive2:33
2-4Beautiful Forever4:16
2-5O Give Thanks Unto The Lord1:23
2-6Fear Not2:51