Manasseh (Genesis 12)  1977  UK *



From the same tiny UK label as Phil Potter and Cephas comes this male folkrocking foursome. A gentle-to-mid-rocking acoustic style overall, not particularly British sounding, but they play with plenty of pep, like on ‘Jesus Is The One’ (done to the tune of ‘Jesus Is Just All Right’). Twangy acoustic jamming, kickin’ drums, a touch of slide guitar, mandolin, autoharp, light use of synthesizer, Fender Rhodes and mellotron. Covers such diverse moods as driving acoustic rock, melodic finger-picked songs, lyrical singer/songwriter moods, keyboard-driven folkrock, mellow folk/pop, simple strummed folk and unplugged boogie r&r. ‘From The Beginning Of Time’, ‘The Lamb Of God’, ‘I’ll Be Superstar’, ‘I’ve Been Born Again’, ‘Give Up Your Life’, thirteen original songs in all. Very carefree and relaxed with much warmth and appeal.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. From The Beginning Of Time

02. The Lamb Of God

03. Speak To Me

04. Love Song

05. Where’ve You Been

06. Joseph’s Song

07. I’ll Be A Superstar

08. I’ve Been Born Again

09. Jesus Is The One

10. That’s All I Need

11. Give Up Your Life

12. Where He Died

13. Wait ’til The Son Comes