Home (no label  41159)  1972



Looking fairly hippie-esque in their snowy Aspen, Colorado outdoor setting are the Mennonite male/female six-piece known as Hallam Street Band. They’re in top form when the electric guitar leads and organ bring a welcome underground vibe to their fine rural heartland folkrock-to-rock sound, especially on the standout track ‘Recovering The Dream (Children Of Menno)’. Country influences surface on songs like ‘Home’ and ‘From The Village’ where pedal steel and harmonica enter the picture. Some of the most cutting-edge songs are the more acoustic oriented ones, like ‘As I Walk’ or the percussive ‘Spirit Of The Lord Come Down’. Reminds me of some of the better moments of groups like Rebirth. Simple black and white cover photo of their street sign.       (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Spirit Of The Lord Come Down0:37
1-2In The Morning2:19
1-4Poster Love4:18
1-5From The Village3:11
1-6Recovering The Dream (Children Of Menno)2:46
2-2New Day3:39
2-3Spirit Of The Lord Come Down4:07
2-4As I Walk5:19
2-5Stand In The Light2:30