Good News (Columbia  CS 9941)  1970?



Michael Bacon and Larry Gold bagged the mainstream label deal for this artsy intelligent folk recording.  Several tracks feature just Michael on guitar and Larry on electric bass and cello, the latter being particularly lovely, sometimes adding a progressive classical touch.  I believe they’re from England.  Often a very stark hushed melancholy tone as on ‘Old Mary Magdalene’.  Other songs like ‘Ballad Of William Penn’ and ‘I’ll Sing This Song For You’ have a more rustic humorous bluesy acoustic romp to them.  Some glimmers of Malcolm & Alwyn, especially when additional musicians are included on electric guitar, piano, organ and drums for s pop and/or rock edge.  Other titles include ‘Speakin’ The Unknown Tongue’, ‘Wine Of Attonement’, ‘He’s Not In Heaven’ and ‘A Million Worlds’, the latter inspired by Swedidh philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, known for his bizarre visions and dreams.        (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Open The Gates

02. Speakin’ The Unknown Tongue

03. Wine Of Astonishment

04. He’s Not In Heaven

05. Handwriting On The Wall

06. Old Soul, Young Soul

07. I’ll Sing This Song For You

08. I’m A-Losin’ My Mind

09. Hope Ofl The Hopeless

10. Ballad Of William Penn

11. Friend Of Friends

12. Song Of Mary Magdalene

13. A Million Worlds

14. Good News