Gift (Christopher CH-108)  1974  Canada *



Fans of Jim Croce and early James Taylor will find a real treat in this Ontario foursome’s album of gentle acoustic rock with a ’70s singer/songwriter pop edge.  Soft keyboards (piano, electric piano, organ), melodic songs, nice harmonization, clean production underscoring acoustic guitar leads.  Members include Ray Murphy, Darrell Gillespie, Gary Freeburn, and Tom Marsh.  ‘What Can Be Done’, ‘Great Divide’, ‘Would You Like To Be Free’, ‘Walkin’ Down The Street’ and ‘New Born Babes’ are all memorable songs, rich with feeling.  Light electric guitar leads on ‘Wealth Of Living’ and ‘It’ll Get Easier’. Top-drawer packaging with watercolor painting on gatefold cover.  A real thing of beauty.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. If The Singer

02. What Can Be Done

03. Gift

04. Great Divide

05. Would You Like To Be Free

06. Walkin’ Down The Street

07. Wasting Your Time

08. New Born Babes

09. Broken Dreams & Wealth Of Living

10. It’ll Get Easier