Echoes Surround Me (Pilgrim  JLP 167)  1970 UK *



Although all the beat and folk elements have been pushed aside on Echoes Surround Me, it is actually a more consistent album, focusing exclusively in the jazz realm.  Not the watered-down variety sometimes found on Christian lps, but an authentic mix of slow torch songs, suave ’60s jazz and swinging big band Sinatra pop.  Nine of the fourteen selections were written by Gerry, carrying intriguing titles like ‘Wild Bird’, ‘I Swear The Grass Is Red’, ‘Antoine’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Fairy Tales’.  Some of the covers are Sydney Carter’s ‘Judas And Mary’, a jazzed-up ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ and Peter Bye’s ‘Don’t You Know?’ (where Gerry Softly croons the lyrics “Have your fill of sin and sex, don’t you worry ’bout the  checks”).  I love it when she emphatically races through lines like  “and I’ll think about God and religion and all those other bor-ing things some other day” (from ‘Some Other Day’).  A touch of trippy organ on a couple of cuts, befitting of the psychy ’60s cover art where Gerry looks stylishly mod.  Credits list four trumpets, five trombones, sax, flute, guitar, accordion, piano, bass and drums.  We just didn’t get albums like this in the States.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. Don’t Tell Me Fairy Tales

02. Are You Walking

03. Nobody Has Time

04. Judas And Mary

05. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

06. I Swear The Grass Is Red

07. God Is Supreme

08. Travelling Preacher

09. Wild Bird

10. Some Other Day

11. Antoine

12. Don’t You Know

13. When I Survey

14. I Gave You My Life Today