Wind And Spirit  (Amphion Modern  SP7115)  1972



Among the choicest of the male/female hippie folkrock Jesus people groups would have to be the ingeniously named Massachusetts 7-person Eternal Savings And Trust Company. Right up there with The Bridge in both the quality music and overflowing sincerity categories (not to mention radical hair length for the guys). Nine original tunes with just the right amount of homemade vibes including good garagy electric guitar jangle on tracks like ‘Living Water’, ‘Set Me Free’ and the stop-and-start opener ‘Don’t Fool Yourself’. Elegant acoustic guitar, exotic cymbal percussion and a spacey female bgv create a mysterious aura on ‘Karin’, an impassioned plea to an unsaved loved one. A couple enchanting atmospheric winners in the title track and ‘Ocean’, both embellished with dreamy flute and recorder accompaniment. Harmonica and autoharp also make appearances. All that flute, tambourine and bongo/tom-tom percussion brings an almost raga-like feel to several numbers. One of the most creative and earnest expressions from the whole movement.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Don’t Fool Yourself

02. Day Of The Lord

03. Maranatha

04. Living Water

05. Karin

06. Ocean

07. Set Me Free

08. Wind And Spirit

09. Freedom In The Spirit