Songs And Friends (Christbearer  CR-1001)  1977













Like Majesty and Uncle John’s Band, Christbearer is one of a few groups headed up by Chris Hughes in the ‘70s. They also happen to be the heaviest of the bunch. Psych enthusiasts will immediately want to take note of ‘Look’ and ‘Into The Light’, both of which rock slowly with some of the loudest droning fuzz guitar on record – enough that Songs And Friends could easily earn a modest “monster” status. On the softer end of the spectrum is ‘Twilight’, a mesmerizing acoustic ballad with dreamy background synthesizer. A number of the remaining songs appeared on the Majesty album in the acoustic duo format but are re-interpreted here as spirited electric pop/folk, some of the best I’ve heard. Light horn accompaniment on a couple of these blends in perfectly. Several folk-rock tunes as well – airy and jangly on ‘Fly’, blue-grassy with banjo on ‘Come To The Banquet’. Members include Chris Hughes, Kay Woodard, Jimmy Rea, Jeff White and Lee Carpenter. Great album! Custom press from Durham, North Carolina.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).














Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Melancholy Traveler4:40
1-3Come To The Banquet2:13
1-5His Call3:13
2-1Songs And Friends3:13
2-3Into The Light4:09
2-4Goodbye Song3:54