Charity  (Gospel Jubilee  FM75011)  1975



Another class act in the homemade soft jangly guy/gal electric folkrock department that you can proudly file next to The Bridge (with whom they share a similar sound). Dreamy acoustic atmospheres are overlaid with flute and recorder, precious ethereal female harmonies and attractive electric guitar leads, including a few friendly fuzz and other effects here and there. Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised to see some listeners classify this as “folk/psych”. Effective shimmering moody presence throughout, whether strummed folkrock tunes, gentle finger picked songs, slow stirring ballads, plugged-in rural-edged tracks or spoken word over guitar. ‘Rejoice God’s Children’, ‘River Jordan’, ‘A Prayer Of David’, ‘John 1:1-14’, ‘Dear Heavenly Father’. Nine original songs in all, plus a cover of Kenn Gulliksen’s ‘Charity’. Three guys and two girls from El Cajon, California, on the same label as fellow Californians Soul Purpose. Excellent cover too – a colored pencil ocean scene with breaking wave and image of Christ in the clouds. I’m touched.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Rejoice God’s Children

02. Christ Through Me

03. River Jordan

04. John 3;16,17

05. A Prayer Of David

06. John 1;1

07. Coming Again

08. Charity

09. Glory To God

10. Dear Heavenly Father