Changes (SRS 12107)  1971?  UK *



Another excellent example of delicate progressive folkrock from five young British folks who share a kindred spirit with UK groups like Presence, Aslan and Sanctus. Gentle captivating mostly acoustic sound with fragile male/female harmonies, flute, soft enchanting organ, electric bass and magical acoustic leads. Top-notch original songwriting with titles like ‘Weep For The City’, ‘Let Me Come In’, ‘On The Road’, ‘How Could I Hate’, ‘Blow On Me’, ‘Joe’ and ‘Murmurings’, moods ranging from lively strummed folk to Parchment-like folkrock to charming melancholy ballads. Also covers of ‘Very Last Day’ and ‘Day Is Done’. For a custom lp in this genre this is outstanding, with virtually no competition in sight from any bands on Dovetail, Myrrh or any other UK Christian label. Comes with a large folded lyric insert. 500 made.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. Changes

02. Very Last Day

03. Weep For The City

04. How Long

05. Someone

06. Let Me Come In

07. On The Road

08. How I Could Hate

09. Blow On Me

10. Day Is Done

11. Joe

12 – Murmurings