Celebrate (Bradley  BRC 4049)  1972



Basic homemade guitar, upright bass, tambourine and flute moody Catholic folk item from sic Trinitarian Brothers.  I’ve heard this sound many times before – Jack Miffleton (several of his songs are performed here), early Dameans, Songs For The Masses, etc. – yet it’s always welcome, with simple heartfelt vibes shining through.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Psalm 100

02. The Lord Is My Hope

03. Psalm 113

04. Lamentations Of Jeremiah

05. You Brought Us Together

06. Psalm 97

07. Lord Have Mercy

08. Glory To God

09. Sanctus

10. Eucharistic Acclamation

11. Great Amen

12. Lamb Of God

13. Simeon’s Canticle