Bridges  (New City London  MID 1367)  1971  UK *



The way this delightful British homemade lp kicks off you’d think an early demo by The Seekers had been unearthed. The production is most crude and the guitars aren’t always in tune, but these shortcomings actually enhance the project, demonstrating the natural charm of their brand of electric folkrock. ‘A Friend’, ‘Bridges’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘The Chateau’, ‘These People’ and ‘Loving And Living’ all have catchy melodies strumming alongside the beat in garagy low-tech glory. ‘Her Silence’, ‘I Heard A Voice’, ‘I See A City’ and ‘Let Me Be’ are somber poignant acoustic ballads recorded with just guitar and Therese Henderson’s stirring vocals. In between are a few softly-strummed tunes like ‘Rise Up Again’ and ‘Goodbye Yesterday’. Very British sounding, alternating male and female lead vocals, sometimes touched with a folky mid-‘60s Rubber Soul lyricism. Features fourteen self-composed songs in all. Says on the back that many of the members didn’t even know each other until the rehearsal held two days prior to making the record. Member Paul Gateshill went on to appear on the even more outstanding Presence lp from the same label. Interesting cover featuring blueprint designs of various bridges.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Wake Up

02. A Friend

03. Rise Up Again

04. Game Of Love

05. Bridges

06. Sometimes

07. Her Silence

08. The Chateau

09. I Heard A Voice

10. These People

11. I See A City

12. Goodbye Yesterday

13. Loving And Living

14. Let Me Be