Mustard Seed Faith  (Sound 80 S80-646-3298S)  1974?



There were two Mustard Seed Faiths?  So it would appear.  This one’s a homemade job from five guys and two girls who hang out in Marshall, Minnesota.  Not near as interesting as their namesakes, mainly due to the MOR tendencies inherent in standards like ‘Mighty Clouds Of Joy’, ‘Jesus Is The Answer’ and ‘Bless The Lord’.  A couple of tracks have the  dynamics of Children Of The Day, including ‘Come Unto Me’ and a cover of COD’s ‘New Life’ (always a great song).  ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’ benefits from some light electric backing, as does the pleasant Bridge-like original ‘Jesus Reached Down’.  The kazoo-gospel ‘Don’t Put Me On’ provides a moment of levity.  Overall a few mildly worthwhile hits among the misses.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Mighty Clouds Of Joy

02. Jesus Is Just Alright

03. Come Unto Me

04. Don’t Put Me On

05. New Life

06. Jesus Is The Answer

07. Jesus Reached Down

08. Keepin’ Your Eyes On The Lord

09. God Is The Reason

10. Bless The Lord