El Volvera (no label LTP-101)  1976 Mexico *



Looks like a few music lps worked their way down over the Rio Grande where they came into the possession of this delightful male/female Mexican quintet.  La Tierra Prometida (i.e., The Promised Land) took some of the songs and transcribed them into Spanish, trowlling them over thick with glorious dated ’60s cheese-o-delic organ/fuzz/wah-wah grooviness.  Only here can you experience Malcolm & Alwyn’s ‘Spaceman’ converted over to ‘Ya Veo Venir Su Reino’ (‘Now I See His Kingdom Coming’), complete with go-go organ solo.  Other covers include M & A’s ‘I Love You More Than Yesterday’ (‘El Ayer’), Barry McGuire’s ‘He’s Coming Back’ (the title tune) and ‘David And Goliath (‘David Y Goliath’), plus Mustard Seed Faith’s ‘Happy In Jesus’ (‘Soy Feliz Con Cristo’).  Intriguing pyschy synthesizer (“sintetizador”) effects on ‘Digno Eres Senor’ (‘You Are Worthy Lord’) and ‘El Gran Dia Viene’, the latter a version of ‘Coming Of The Lord’ borrowed from obscure hard-rockers Maranatha.  Noty a super heavy beast or anything, but definitely some unique fun-loving sounds that fit hand in glove with your Generacion De Jesus records.  Love those fuzz guitar solos!   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1El Volvera4:55
1-2Cristo Me Ama3:05
1-3Alla En Los Olivos3:10
1-4Ya Veo Venir Su Reino3:05
1-5Digno Eres Senâor3:40
2-1El Ayer4:09
2-2El Gran Dia Viene3:23
2-3Mes De Mayo2:55
2-4David Y Goliat2:30
2-5Soy Feliz Con Cristo5:16