Growing (Myrrh MSB 6594)  1977



Gospel Seed is the duo of Gary Luttrell and Mike Moore who play acoustic guitar and autoharp respectively on this orchestrated-to-the-hilt folky pop/soft-rock production.  Those string arrangements can tend to schmaltzify the whole affair, but other than that there are actually some fairly decent Seals & Crofts-like tunes in here.  Titles like ‘The Singer’s Song’, ‘The Fool’, ‘A Colorful Little Tune’ and ‘Count The Cost’  all emerge more or less unscathed, pleasantly draped in the gentle jangly ambience of 12-string guitar.  ‘Lines’ is a decent rock track that includes snarling electric guitar and wah-wah.  ‘Top Ten’ pulls a Bob Larson move by pointing the finger at secular artist like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, CSN and Three Dog Night (apparently the prophet Jeremiah was not a bullfrog).  Includes assistance from Don Gerber, Bill Batstone and Alex MacDougall.  The guys also had two songs on the 1975 Jesus Loves You compilation (see entry),  including an earlier version of ‘Lines’.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. The Singer’s Song

02. The Fool

03. Salvador

04. Top Ten

05. To The Father

06. Lines

07. A Colorful Little Tune

08. The Vow

09. Count The Cost

10. The Last Song We Ever Sing