Higher Power (Maranatha MM0055A) 1979



One of the more rock-edged albums on this label, though it tends to sound relatively tame nowadays.  Best viewed as a stepping stone between the country-ish acoustic rock of Darrell’s previous band Gentle Faith (also on Maranatha) and the loud blaring blues rock of his next lp, the classic Get Ready One almost senses the presence of a rock album that’s been slightly tempered by the desire for Christian radio play, particularly when it comes to the ballads.  Still a fine record though.  Best cuts in my estimation are amplified blues rockers showcasing Darrell’s harmonica: ‘That’s All Right’ and ‘No More Blues’ are both strong tracks, even if they aren’t as heavy as the style he would perfect on Get Ready.  “Children Don’t Run’, ‘Love Conquers’, ‘Every Night Every Day’ and the title track also all muster some soulful rock energy (aided by Anthony Dean’s electric guitar work), as does the slower gospel-edged ‘He Has Overcome’.  Denny Correll authored four of the album’s nine songs.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Children Don’t Run

02. The Prize

03. That’s All Right

04. He Has Overcome

05. No More Blues

06. Love Conquers All

07. Giver Of Life

08. Every Night Every Day

09. Higher Power

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