Get Ready (Polydor  PD-1-6288)  1980



Yes!!!  Now this is more like it!  Darrell’s mainstream release is a bluesy hard rock masterpiece that sports professional production while packing commercial punch.   The band is certainly tight.  Darrell delivering the lead vocals and harmonica while Dennis Carothers and Anthony Dean cut loose trading potent lead electric guitar licks.  Also some fine saxophone (‘Never Be The same’) – other than that, the album doesn’t let up  from start to finish, and there’s none of that fluffy ballad stuff.  Only classics like ‘Heaven Southwestern’ which is scorchin’ Southern rock at its best.  The title track, ‘Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll’, ‘Above the water’, ‘Billy Joe’, ‘Power Of Love’, ‘Lifesaver’ – they all flex some serious muscle.  I believe the appropriate response is play it loud!  See also Hosanna USA and Horizon Special.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Get Ready

02. Mr. Rock ‘n Roll

03. Above The Water

04. Billy Joe

05. Heaven Southwestern

06. Never Be The Same

07. Power Of Love

08. Life Saver

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