Grinding Wheel (Star Song  SSR-0042)  1983















Peter is listed in The Archivist for his album Loving Again on the (Nightlight label NMA1001)  1980.  He is out of Australia. Grinding Wheel is mentioned in the last line of the review of the above album.  This album was also released in Australia under the tile Static On The Frequency, it also had a different cover.  In doing additional research on this album I also discovered a British release as Grinding Wheel on the Myrrh label MYR 1162. I did find some of the various different covers.       diakoneo















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Static On The Frequency5:20
1-2Mr. Media3:04
1-3Add Up The Wonders4:57
1-4Another Marriage On The Rocks3:47
1-5Make Up Your Mind4:07
2-1Tonight's Your Night2:39
2-2Grinding Wheel3:28
2-3Teflon Salvation3:31
2-4Winter Nights3:28
2-5Shine Your Light4:01