Let’s Get Together (Tribute/GIA  TRI-5002/128)  1970?




Let’s Get Together consists mostly cover songs in a commercial pop-rock direction.  Significantly more electric, beat-worthy and energized than Soulful Sounds, even spiced up with some fuzz and tremolo guitar in parts, but remaining heavy on the vocals and brass/string orchestration.  Inching toward but still a far cry from the rock sound they’d perfect on Becoming One.  Includes versions of the Youngbloods’ title song, ‘Hymn’, “Susanne’, ‘The Good Times We Had’ and ‘Turn Turn Turn’.  Also a couple original songs.  Unipak gatefold cover. Later re-issued on the GIA label in a different cover.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





01. Let’s Get Together

02. Hymn

03. Listen Part 1

04. Susanne

05. The Good Times We Had

06. Medley For Friends – We’ll Meet Again & Positively 4th Street

07. Turn, Turn, Turn

08. Pilgrimage To Paradise

09. Everything’s Just Fine

10. Shades Of Gray

11. It’s So Good To Be With You