Gospel (ARP 9011)  1974



Once you look past the two barbershop songs, the novelty number, and the MOR/pop ballad on this ultra low-tech custom you’ll actually find a handful of respectable tracks.  Like the acoustic rock of ‘Let This Cup’ and the mellotron-backed ‘One Day’.  Or the folky harmonica-accompanied ‘Looking For Seagulls’ and the dreamy ‘To Him’ (with flute and vibraharp).  Relaxed atmosphere, nothing hard and heavy.  Simple presentation, mellow harmonies.  Four guys from Kentucky.  Someone needs to learn how to spell (“synthesiser”, “mellatron”, “kazoo”) and the photography is quite poor.  One of those barbershop songs has a semi-memorable line: “oh He’s the icing on the cake, He’s better than Shake N Bake”.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Icing On The Cake

02. Bullfrog Jim

03. Natural Love

04. One Day

05. Love Chapter

06. Write A Little Letter

07. Travelling

08. I’m Looking For Seagulls

09. Let This Cup

10. To Him