A-Live In Texas (Get Hooked  GH 128)  1979?



A live album featuring the Captain and his crew at Faith Temple in Killeen, Texas.  Kids are encouraged to hit the devil in the shnozola on the sing-along ‘I’ve Got The Joy  Joy Joy’.  The Captain and the Mrs. attempt a Belafonte island groove ‘Hey Mon Do You Know My Lord’.   Sharkey the dummy sees some action, flirting with the chicks, telling more fat jokes, and threatening to put a termite on the Captain’s wooden leg.  Side two is an amazing 18-minute sermon, a Christian take on the Three Little Pigs (i.e., wolf=Satan, pigs=Christians building on various foundations).  The Captain humorously delivers the message with fiery Jimmy Swaggart conviction, while stormy organ swirls all around the drama.  When he gets into the huffing and puffing you’d swear the guy was about to explode.  “Beware!  This album may be habit forming and cause your children to be non-delinquent!”      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. I’ve Got The Joy  Joy Joy

02. The Butterfly Song

03. Little Red Box

04. Hey Mon

05. Captain Hook & Sharkey

06. Captain Hook tells the story of The Three Little Pigs




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