Finished Work (Sonrise Mercantile SMC 10)  1978



The studio lp Finished Work enlists the aid of “a band named David”, here listed as Gene Gunnels, Herb Melton, Richard Souther and Alex Macdougall (they also receive front-cover billing on the more widely known Myrrh concert recordings To The Bride and How The West Was One).   Karen Lafferty is also listed in the credits.  Has its string-laden MOR/easy-listening moments, but also some dynamic rock and soft rock that’s on par with the best of groups like Parable.  ‘Let It Shine’, ‘All The Difference’, ‘Bury You (Baptismal Song)’, ‘Little Sparrow’ and ‘Mary Mary’ are all solid tracks that stand up quite well.  Opens and closes with two more versions of ‘Lord, Be Glorified’.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
01Lord, Be Glorified3:10
02Let It Shine5:36
03I Keep Coming Back2:35
04All The Difference3:28
05Names Of Jesus2:09
06Second Avenue3:04
07Castles Of Sand3:05
08Bury You3:54
09Little Sparrow4:01
10Mary, Mary5:48
11Lord, Be Glorified5:00