Hallelujah! The Lord Is Coming Again (Herald  HRS 5269)  1975



The following was a comment on the Manna (Herald) post on this site:

Hey fellows you said that all of Manna’s songs were original. You are misinformed. My twin brother, Boyd Amason wrote the song Transcendental Meditation. We were one of the first Artist on the Herald label. We recorded the TM song on our first album. Our record producer, Erv Lewis played our song for them and they decided they would also record our song. Their version was a lot different than ours. It was more folk style. We were glad they wanted to record our song. I hope you can get a chance to hear our version, If you can find it. If you can’t I’ll try to download a copy and send it to you, just let me know. I can remember the evening Boyd wrote the song, we were in concert on a university campus coffee house, we had taken our first break when a fellow came up to us and said that he was into TM and other eastern religions , he could not understand why we would limit ourselves to JESUS. Boyd sat down wrote the words to the song in about 15 minutes. When we started our next set Boyd sang the song for the fellow, I had to learn it on the spot(he was always doing that to me). The main line of the song says “Transcendental Meditation or Scientific Cogitation, Just don’t Match the Revelation of the Holy Word of the Lord, don’t try to Eastern-nise, just keep your Christian eyes on the Bonified Word of the Lord.” By the way we were the guys wearing the Plaid Jackets. We will never live that down. In fact in the 30+ years we toured throughout the US and overseas we never once wore jackets, that was the record labels Idea. All I can say is “Don’t judge a book by its cover. ” Just a note to set the record straight, thanks. Floyd Amason of “The AMASON TWINS”.

Thank you Boyd & Floyd for granting permission to post your album. Folks don’t be scared off by the jackets on the cover this is a fun album. I thought that since I have the story to go with the song it is only fitting to post it here.  diakoneo




01. Hallelujah

02. Thank You Lord

03. Transcendental Meditation

04. Prayer And Praise

05. He’ll Help You Out

06. Don’t Talk The Talk

07. Voices

08. Rock And Roll

09. Praising God For Passing Sorrows

10. Life Can Be Fun