Jesus, Rock Of Ages (Alive AR 4400)  1973


Agape Singers - Jesus (Fnt)


An earlier incarnation of the same ministry from the same college (Hesston College), albeit with different personnel. Actually a little better than To Jesus With Love despite that dang word “singers”.  Nice small-band jangly folk with bass and a beat, some organ and electric, putting their amateur twist on Love Song, Andrae Crouch, Paul Clark, The Archers, and a few of their own songs, including a precious minor-key acoustic ballad ‘Free To Be Bound’.  Don’t confuse with a few choirs bearing the same name.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Agape Singers - Jesus (Bck)




01. Spirit Of The Lord

02. Two Hands

03. Little Country Church

04. Free To Be Bound

05. Put On Jesus

06. Thank You Lord

07. I Don’t Know Why

08. Changes

09. As Long As I Know

10. Jesus Rock Of Ages

11. Let The Waters Roll

12. I’ve Got Confidence/Sing Out Love