Caught In The Crossfire  (Myrrh MSB-6595)  1978



Their hair got longer and they’re not smiling  on the cover, but don’t expect any radical changes in the music.  In fact it’s significantly cleaner and more ccm-ish than their debut, especially with all those orchestrated ballads.  A couple of lively pop-rock cuts with brass: ‘Coming Soon’ and the bass-heavy disco-ish ‘Domino’ (with synthetic drums).  ‘Mary’s Song (He Is Alive)’ and the closing ‘How Long’ are both dynamic songs that measure up to the mellow light-rock standards set 0n Limpic  & Rayburn.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Crossfire

02. Mr. Good News

03. Domino

04. Time For Joy

05. Guide My Steps

06. Mary’s Song (He Is Alive)

07. Coming Soon

08. Love Songs (For The Father)

09. How Long