The Gamble Folk  (Universal Audio UAS 258-28278)  1970?



Long-running Minneapolis folk trio of Renee Gamble, Steve Gamble and Gary Gamble.  Boy, they sure look young on this obscure custom debut.  And  boy, they sure sound dead-on like The Seekers with their ’60s folk style.  Clean production highlights their articulate moving harmonies and sharp acoustic backing (guitar, string bass and drums).  Thirteen selections including standards like ‘What’s That I Hear?’, ‘My Lord, What A Morning’, ‘Sin Bound Train’ and ‘You can Tell The World’,  but the best songs are the six Gamble Folk original, especially ‘All Alone’, ‘Sold For A Farthing’ and ‘Dear Jesus’.  A much more satisfying  recording than  the usual ho-hum collegiate folksters of the time.  Says on the back that they began singing together in the spring of 1967,  did street performances in Minneapolis “poverty pockets”,  attended Bethany Fellowship Mission Training Center and worked with the drug-prevention group Youth Challenge.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Shiloh - Before (Bck)



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1What’s That I Hear1:56
1-2My Lord, What A Morning2:28
1-3Sin-Bound Train1:55
1-4Wonderful And Marvellous1:30
1-5All Alone2:42
1-6Come To The Lord2:14
1-7Moving On (Instrumental)2:08
2-1You Can Tell The World2:40
2-2Got Up This Morning2:31
2-3Jordan River1:48
2-4Sold For A Farthing2:30
2-5Is There Something Missing2:22
2-6Dear Jesus2:18