Lead Me Home (Myrrh MSB 6611)  1978



Gentle-voiced Arizona singer, guitarist and songwriter who enlisted a slew of talent from musical associates of Elton John, Don McLean, and Carly Simon for this artful acoustic rock offering.  Lead Me Home has a nice outdoorsy Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-High feel that’s hard not to like with fragile vocals and sparkling 12-string vibes that bring to mind projects like Mark Heard’s Appalachian Melody and Dennis Ryder’s Let Me Take You To The Kingdom.  Pastoral folkrock tunes (‘Look To The Cross’, ‘Fourth Of December’), quite acoustic songs (‘Open My Eyes’, ‘Texas Love Song’), soft  singer/songwriter moods (‘Claudia’s Hour’).  A few titles like ‘In The Air’, the bluesy ‘Never Understand’ and the country folkrocker ‘Jesus Lifts Me Up’ add some electric rock edges.  Includes assistance from Solid Rock artist John Linn (lead guitar), Tom Howard (piano, Fender Rhodes), and Larry Norman (bgvs).  Deserved much better packaging and promotion that the hack-job Myrrh gave it.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Claudia’s Hour

02. Look To The Cross

03. Fourth Of December

04. Open My Eyes

05. Never Understood

06. Texas Love Song

07. Holly Lake

08. Jesus Lifts Me Up

09. Tonight

10. In The Air