Crowning Of A Simple Man (Pilgrim America R3757)  1980



Dave Kelly was one of the leaders of the group ‘Ark whose lone 1979album The Angels Come irresistibly blended British rock and pop with ’60s sounds.  Crowning Of A Simple Man has a similar infectious spirit.  The Beatles influences return with the chiming ‘Ticket To Ride’ guitars of ‘Supernatural Man’, along  with the lyrical Harrison-esque glide of ‘Dead Or Alive’.  The opener ‘King Of Love’ is a solid driving rocker, as are ‘Trouble’ and the slide guitar-accompanied ‘Turn Your Back’.  ‘God Knows’ and ‘Love Night And Day’ provide catchy melodic folk/pop/rock moments.  ‘Ballad Of JC’ closes the album on a minor-key folky note with bagpipes, recorder and fiddle backing the acoustic guitar.  Features Kelly on lead vocals and 6 and 12-string rhythm guitars, assisted by ten others.  A list of these Pilgrim America releases quickly became cut-outs, plus the cover designs tend to look dull and unpromising, but this is one you definitely need to check out.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. King of Love

02. God Knows

03. Tonight

04. Supernatural Man

05. Dead or Alive

06. Turn Your Back

07. Love Night and Day

08. Trouble

09. Sandy

10. Ballard of JC


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