Enter Into His Gates (CSS-284)  1978?



Enter Into His Gates is a custom production of Christian Prison Ministries, Inc. “dedicated to all of the men and women of the world who are behind prison walls”.  Selections like the country-edged ‘The Convicts Song’ touch on this theme.  Craig plays guitar, piano and bass here, joined by four others for a couple uncluttered small band rock, folkrock and ballads sound.  In the latter category are  a couple decent Bruce Cockburn-like acoustic songs: ‘Come Unto Me’ and the instrumental ‘Smooth Sailing’.  A few quiet tunes backed by gentle electric guitar and synth string ensemble.  The electric guitar becomes more aggressive  on ‘You Must Be Born Again’, an excellent up-tempo rock track.  Seven songs written by Craig plus covers of ‘We Have Come Into His House’ and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Living Waters

02. The Convicts Song

03. We Have Come Into His House

04. You Must Be Born Again

05. Smooth Sailing

06. Enter Into His Gates

07. You’ll Never Walk Alone

08. Come Unto Me

09. In My Life


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